There are multiple types of braids, from the basic three strand to a waterfall braid.

Multi-strand BraidsEdit

The most common is of course the three strand. However, the two-strand and four-strand are becoming more and more popular. There is also the five and six strand braids. After that it can get very complicated.

Popular BraidsEdit

The waterfall braid is currently the most popular braid. It is a great way to pull bangs out of your face and still have your hair down. 

Another popular braid is the fishtail, also known as fishbone. A lot of celebrities are doing this now.

French BraidsEdit

Aside from the basic french braid there is the inverted, or dutch braid, the twisted braid and french fishtail. 

French braiding is more advanced than regular braids. It involves adding sections or hair to the main sections.

Wrap It UpEdit

There are all kinds of variations of the braids listed. If you know of any other kinds of braids please let me know.


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