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Overview plus some!Edit

Color Oops is a hair color remover that contains no bleach. For this reason, it is safer for the hair. It comes in two versions--original (yellow) and extra strength (red). Original is a better formulation for hair color which is not very dark, and which was used in the past 48 hours. The Extra Strength version is better if you are removing old hair color, or if the hair color is very dark (ie: dark brown or black).


  • Like any chemical product, Color Oops could cause an allergic reaction.
  • When you rinse out Color Oops, you must repetitively rinse, and make sure you really get everything out. If you don't, the dye may reappear because the molecules are not entirely gone. You must rinse for at least 25 minutes and shampoo at least three times, according to the instructions.
  • Color Oops will make your hair more porous, so it will grab color faster and darker. If you re-color, use a shade which is lighter and warmer than your desired shade. If you want your hair to be dark ash blonde after using Color Oops, pick a light golden blonde shade.
  • Color Oops will damage the hair, albeit not as much as bleach. Do not use more than twice in a row, and do not leave on for more than 25 minutes. Deep condition after using it.
  • Color Oops has a very strong "rotten egg" smell, so use it in a bathroom with a window open. The sulfuric smell may linger in your hair for several days.
  • Color Oops will not return your hair to its natural color, just to the color your hair was before you dyed it. If you used a dye from a drugstore, most likely it had a 20 volume developer, which means it lightened your hair by a level or two underneath the color--so if you have naturally light brown hair, and you dyed your hair dark brown, the result after Color Oops might be lighter than your original light brown.