If you have very dark skin, you probably have cool tones. These tones will be more blue or purple than pink. This means your hair color choices fall within the "cool" range as well. Normally, if your skin is this dark, your hair and eyes are also on the dark side. While it's certainly doable, it's damaging to your hair and might not be flattering for you to color your hair super light. It can definitely make a statement, though, if that's what you're going for!

Instead, you should be looking at cherry reds, deep burgundies, and blue-blacks. These are all rich, enticing colors and will look great next to your skin. Stay away from golden browns, coppery reds, and auburns. They will clash and will not be flattering.

If you want to go for a black shade, you can definitely try out a soft black or natural black, but it could be more fun to go for a black with blue tones or purple tones. Along with the standard natural and soft blacks, here are some fun options to try:

If you're more interested in browns, aim for browns with red tones and purple tones combined, or just browns with purple tones. You can also try out some deep browns with ash tones.

Perhaps you want to go for something a little more vibrant--like a burgundy or a red! Never fear, this is probably the area that will be most flattering for you. Take a look at these cool shades:

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