What is Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color?

Dark Ash Blonde will vivid you "ashy" dark blonde hair color result. This type of color is very popular because it neutralizes unwanted orange in the hair and colors at the same time.

Who Should Go For Dark Ash Blonde?

Anyone with dark hair looking to go lighter with an ash blonde hair color result can choose this color. Dark Ash Blonde is especially recommended for Asian hair, Latino hair, brunettes with natural hair color of around 3 (Dark Brown). For such women Dark Ash Blonde will lift the hair color level quite nicely while neutralizing the orange tones generally found in dark bases.

Which Developer Should I Use for Dark Ash Blonde?

The normal rules of developer use apply.

  • Use 10 Vol for level on level coloring
  • Use 20 Vol for 1-2 levels lift
  • Use 30 Vol for 2-3 levels lift
  • Use 40 Vol for 3 levels lift and more.

Will I need to Use a Prelightener if I want Dark Ash Blonde?

Most regular professional hair colors can lift up to 3 levels, so as long as your hair color is dark brown (level 3) and lighter, and you use 30 Vol, yo should be able to achieve a Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color Result without the use of any pre-lightener.

However, if the hair you are trying to lift is unusually dark ( very dark brown) or has had dark color deposited on it, you may like to use lightener and 30 Vol to caramelize the hair colro a little bit. In such cases, mix lightener and developer, apply (staying slightly away from the roots), leave 30 minutes and then rinse. Then apply Dark Ash Blonde 6A with 20 Vol and you should get a beautiful color result.

Where can I get Dark Ash Blonde 6A?

Most manufacturers sell this product in a professional format (recommended). You might like to consider Ugly Duckling Los Angeles' Dark Ash Blonde 6A. Ugly Duckling is a new hair color company marketing a range enriched with Argan Oil for additional hair softness and shine. Find out more here:

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