Feria B61 Downtown Brown is a light high lift brown shade with ash tones from Feria.


This shade has ash tones but most likely the tones will be neutral or golden because high lift colors often result in brassiness. Therefore, this could really be suited to any skin tone, but keep in mind it is only recommended for natural, dark hair.


Ten reviewers gave this shade 3.1/5 stars on

"My hair, which I'll admit was previously processed, ended up a darker shade than before I applied this product, which looked significantly lighter on the box. I was hoping for light brown, but ended up with my mousey medium brown very similar to my natural color. It smells awful and is extremely goopy too. The application process is odd as well. I'll never try it again."- LB, Baltimore MD

"First off, I knocked off one star because the color on the box that I used was no where NEAR where mine ended up being (I actually used Crystal Brown). My own natural color is a medium/dark brown with warm undertones, so naturally whenever I try to lighten it at home, I've ended up with brassiness. Well, I decided to try something new this time. I purchased both the Crystal Brown and the Downtown Brown with the intention of using just a little of the Downtown Brown to streak a few highlights. However, after doing a strand test, it turned my existing highlights (which are just a few shades lighter than my natural hair) nearly white. So, what I did was mix about 1/4 of the Downtown Brown into the Crystal Brown to give it a little more "lift" and less of a risk of brassiness. The result was terrific - it perfectly blended away my grays and my roots. However, it was at least 4 shades darker than on the box. And that was with the lighter coloring added to it. It does look very natural, though, and I will most certainly do it again. Perhaps adding 1/2 of the Downtown Brown this time, for added lightening for the summer. The smell is pretty harsh, and it did sting my scalp, leaving it with some crusty patches, but that is to be expected. Overall, probably one of the best products for the price I have ever used."- Nemrac, Portland OR


Do not use on previously color-treated hair unless it was color-treated with a high lift brown shade similar to this. It could result in hot roots. Do not use on hair lighter than medium brown.

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