Argan Oil, also called Moroccan Oil, is a product of the Moroccan Argan tree. It has been called “Liquid Gold” by the haircare industry, because its gives some really amazing hair benefits.

It contains vitamin E and fatty acids and it helps to smooth even the frizziest of hair and it restores bounce, giving an immediate and dramatic impact on the hair.

But did you know that you can also get fantastic results when you apply Argan Oil during the coloring process?

The reason for this is that when coloring hair using oxydative dyes, the hair cuticle is opened up. This is actually the best time to deposit Argan oil into the hair, meaning that the conditioning effect is not only deep but also long lasting.

This is what the folks at Ugly Duckling Hair Color Company have worked out and why their hair color works so well.

Furthermore, as the cuticles are closed after the coloring process, the Argan oil is “locked in” to the hair. This means that Ugly Duckling Hair Color gives a conditioning which very few other hair colors can do, a conditioning which is both deep and long lasting

The result is that the hair is restored and nourished and stays that way for a long time, even though the hair goes through the usual processes of washing, towel drying, blow drying.

Find out more here: [1]

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