In this article I'm going to be talking about a wonderful thing called a hair color intensifier!

What are hair color intensifiers?

-- Hair color intensifiers are additives that you add to a permanent hair color that come in basically all the colors of the rainbow!

What do they do?

-- Hair color intensifiers are semi-permanent colors that add deeper, brighter, and more intense colors to the already exisiting hair color. They are concentrated forms of hair color and are mainly just pure pigment hair colors. They come in orange, yellow, red, blue, violet, green, red-violet, silver, and even more!

How do you use them?

-- Basically hair color additives come in the same tube as a regular hair color (some come in really tiny tubes) and you just add them in with the color of your choice. They can also be used by themselves. However, you have to use them sparingly because they are  very concentrated. Usually brands that carry these intensifiers tell you how much to add depending on what hair color you're using, but basically you only need to add a little bit of intensifier to give your hair color a little boost. I used a violet intensifier with my burgundy color because I wanted the violet tone to be the dominate one with only a hit of red. I only had to use a little bit and now my hair is mainly violet with a hint of red that you can only see underneath the light. These things can also be used for color corrections. Another way of using them is to add them into your conditioners so that they become color depositing conditioners. Not all brands offer color intensifiers that allow you to add them into your conditioners so always remember to read the instructions that comes with the dye!

Color intensifiers are great tools to use when coloring your hair and they can really make a whole world of difference. The only downside is that they are not easily accessible. Only professional brands of hair dye carry color intensifiers. For anyone who has used L'Oreal HiColor, you will be familiar with color intensifiers. That little tube that comes with the tube of hair dye is an example of an intensifer. Other brands that carry them are Rusk, DaVinci, Joico, Chi, Ion, Clairol and many more. They can be bought online and some beauty supply stores.

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