Drastic color changes are always difficult, but going from blonde to black is far easier than going from black to blonde, because you don't have to worry about damaging lightening agents, like bleach.

Before you try this, keep in mind that black hair dye is really hard to fade, and it's a big commitment. This isn't the kind of thing you try just once, to see how it is--your hair will be black for a long time.

  1. Don't use a temporary, semi, or demi color because it will make your hair green. Use a permanent color instead.
  2. Now that your hair is dyed black, it runs the risk of losing its shine. Natural black hair is much shinier than dyed black hair. For this reason, make sure your hair is hydrated, and make sure you use a deep conditioner regularly. Just because your hair is not damaged doesn't mean it is going to be shiny, so if the conditioners don't work, invest in a shine serum or spray. Aveda makes a blue malva shampoo and conditioner for black hair which enriches and adds blue-ish tones to black hair; it is expensive but well worth the investment
  3. Once you have dyed your hair don't rush into the heat avoid using electronics like iron tongs and blow dryers give your hair a rest a well earned break.

This Technique In Real LifeEdit

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