Hey guys! So, it's been just about a month since I have bleached my hair and my roots are growing out. Yuck. However, I love my hair enough to let it rest for 3 months which is just enough time for the roots to look crazy enough for me to dye it again. Other than that, my hair doesn't feel like "bleached" hair but rather like I just dyed my hair normally. I'm glad my hair is able to put up with the harsh stuff I do to it. I still wash my hair everyday and I still blow dry and straighten it every day. My hair routine hasn't really changed other than I don't deep condition anymore (Ah, I'm so bad to my hair D:). Luckily it doesn't break off easily and I still don't have split ends. Yay! Prom is coming up and I still need to bleach my eyebrows because my eyebrows are still black. I know, the contrast is so ugly but I'm going to be bleaching it some time this week. Oh! I forgot to mention this in my other two blog posts. I never toned my hair after bleaching/dyeing it. After getting in this annoying dilemma with my local beauty supply store I just didn't go back to get a toner but my hair looks pretty good without toner so it doesn't really bother me. However, I don't think I will be going blonde again, sadly ): It's just too expensive and it doesn't look that flattering on me. I will most likely be going back to brown before the new school year starts in fall. Also, brown is perfect for Autumn. I'll probably dye my hair ultra light ash brown because I am absolutely in love with that color. But, yeah, that's pretty much what's been up and I'll talk to you guys later!

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