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    When I posted the poll asking what color hair men preferred on ladies, I was expecting to see a good old-fashioned split between most colors, aside from a dip in appreciation for unnatural shades. In fact, I was wrong.

    29% of women thought that men preferred dark brown hair. 23% of women seemed to think that men preferred blonde hair, while 19% thought that light brown hair, or dark blonde hair, would be number one. Women had little faith in men to appreciate auburn hair (10%) or black hair (9%) and even fewer women thought men loved dark red hair (6%). Lastly, women thought that men did not prefer unnatural colors, like blue or pink. Only 4% of women believed men liked this color the best.

    The men's answers seemed to differ...slightly.…

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    While it's pretty common knowledge that a boyfriend aggressively yelling at you to go blonde is a huge red flag, it's not always so black and white (or, should I say, mahogany and copper). While coloring our hair different shades can be extremely fun, it's also nice to look good for the guy you're with...or is it? ( on the poll at the bottom to share your opinions!)

    Before I met my boyfriend, I was a die-hard redhead...until I found out that he much preferred my natural dark, dark brown (much like the men on the hair color poll--dark brown represent!). Who was I to argue? I much preferred having healthy, albeit natural hair, over interesting but damaged red hair. And I got a lot of flack for it. "Do what makes you happy," peo…

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    For lovers of John Frieda Precision Foam, today is your lucky day!

    I have tried John Frieda Precision Foam in both Dark Brown and Light Brown, but I was always annoyed that there were so few shades--and not very interesting ones! But now, John Frieda has changed. Several new "salon blend" colors have been added to the line:

    • Natural Black
    • Blue Black
    • Medium Ash Brown
    • Medium Burgundy
    • Light Ash Brown
    • Light Bronze Brown
    • Light Amber Brown
    • Lightest Cool Almond Brown
    • Dark Caramel Blonde
    • Dark Cool Pearl Blonde

    I'm not sure if these shades are widespread in drugstores--I've only seen them in one CVS. But keep an eye out--you can also order them online on the John Frieda website!

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    You heard it here first! There doesn't seem to be much evidence of it online, but Garnier Nutrisse has released a new line of hair color, and it's a foam consistency, like John Frieda Precision Foam. Right now it's only available at a few select pharmacies--I've only seen it at one CVS in Rye, New York. But hopefully we'll start seeing more of this, soon, so we can test it out and see how it is! From what I saw, this hair color line doesn't have a large variety of colors, but this is common with new hair color lines. It seems to have your usual medium brown, black, dark brown, medium blonde, etc...but if it becomes popular, we might see some more interesting tones and shades. Check out your local pharmacies for this!

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    I was a redhead for about four years--unnaturally, of course--and I found that it was almost impossible to get that perfect red. I wanted a vibrant, coppery red with warm copper tones and yet, no matter what I did, my hair was either a slightly redder shade of brown, a dull purplish-burgundy shade, or bright orange at the roots. I'm sure many aspiring redheads agree--going red at home is hard! This doesn't mean that we need to give up on drugstore box colors altogether. People will tell you that going to a salon is the only feasible way to get a good color, and that's just not true. So here are the main tips for going red without a disaster:

    • Identify the tone you want. Reds are not created equal. If you want a Coppery red, like that of actr…

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