For lovers of John Frieda Precision Foam, today is your lucky day!


I have tried John Frieda Precision Foam in both Dark Brown and Light Brown, but I was always annoyed that there were so few shades--and not very interesting ones! But now, John Frieda has changed. Several new "salon blend" colors have been added to the line:

  • Natural Black
  • Blue Black
  • Medium Ash Brown
  • Medium Burgundy
  • Light Ash Brown
  • Light Bronze Brown
  • Light Amber Brown
  • Lightest Cool Almond Brown
  • Dark Caramel Blonde
  • Dark Cool Pearl Blonde

I'm not sure if these shades are widespread in drugstores--I've only seen them in one CVS. But keep an eye out--you can also order them online on the John Frieda website!

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