• Sally Madison

    Ash Blonde Hair

    November 11, 2015 by Sally Madison

    Ever wanted to get an Ash Blonde for your customer, but ended up with something too warm or not blonde enough? In this blog, we show you how to achieve true ash blonde hair color results.

    1.  First, make sure you lift the hair color to a very light blonde level, or level 10.

    Very often people make the mistake of not lifting the hair color level enough. If you are looking for a true ash blonde, you need to take the hair color level right up to a level 10. To do so, use a good quality pre-lightener and the appropriate developer strength. Assess your customer's current hair color level and make sure you are clear by how many levels you need to take her hair colro level up by. If she had grown out highlights, the lifting required will be differe…

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